• How Posture Abnormality Can Contribute to Pain

    on Aug 15th, 2017

How Posture Abnormality Can Contribute to Pain

Most of us, at one time or another, find ourselves wondering why we seem to randomly be in pain some days. For those of us who have pain more days than not, it can be a cause for alarm and certainly a source of unhappiness. It’s not uncommon to have your pain be accompanied by other symptoms like fatigue, indigestion, or feelings of poor circulation. It’s a general sense of malaise or being unwell. Assuming there is no underlying illness causing you to feel this way, it stands to reason that all of these symptoms can be tied to the physical state of your body, namely your spine.

But, if you’ve never suffered some kind of traumatic injury and you don’t have a history of degenerative disc disease or something similar, you’re probably wondering where this pain is coming from. Why are all these secondary symptoms affecting you as well? You’d be wise to visit your chiropractor for relief and some answers. Most likely, you may get asked what you do for a living and how you sit or stand all day. If you’ve never considered that your posture could be the culprit for your woes, think again.

While abnormal postures like those caused by scoliosis are an obvious source of pain due to curvatures of the spine or having one leg shorter than the other, you don’t need a structural issue to feel the ill effects of a poor posture. Any posture that is chronically misaligned due to poor seating or standing habits can cause a painful abnormality. Here is what you need to know about posture and your health.

Neck pain

Poor posture is a leading cause of neck pain. While many people rightfully focus on injuries or conditions of the discs, the way we live now is having serious consequences. Many people work on computers all day. If you don’t sit in an ergonomic chair or you hunch in your seat all day looking at a screen, you’re creating an abnormal arch that can be putting needless and damaging pressure on your neck.

It’s not just office workers, though. People of all ages are suffering with neck pain due to poor posture. Young people especially are feeling the effects of “text neck” because they are always looking down at their cell phones. Anyone who holds their phone at chest level and tilts their heads downward to look at it are putting too much weight on their necks. Consider how heavy your head is and the work needed to hold it at this awkward position day in and day out. It’s no wonder it causes pain.

Back pain

It’s a similar story when talking about back pain as well. Poor sitting posture is a leading contributor to long term back pain. Your spinal health suffers when you keep it at an abnormal angle for hours at a time every day. It’s not just people that sit all day for work that have to worry, either. If you have poor posture while standing, that can affect you as well. Slouching or not having the proper support in your shoes can cause you to develop lower back pain. Giving your spine the support and full extension it needs can reduce muscle fatigue and back pain experienced at the end of the day.

If you’re dealing with pain more days than not, it’s time to talk to your chiropractor about it.

Correcting your posture

Your chiropractor will ask you questions related to how you sit or stand and evaluate your spine to rule out other possible causes of your pain. Once it’s established that your posture is the culprit, steps will be taken to reduce your symptoms. Long term, you’ll be coached on how to sit and stand in a way that is better for your spinal health. You may receive recommendations on what type of chair to sit in or what kind of footwear to buy if you stand all day. For acute relief, chiropractic adjustments are a great way to realign your spine to relive the pressure causing your discomfort.


Maintaining proper posture is so important. The importance of your posture to your health and quality of life only becomes more amplified as you get older. Many chronic conditions that can cause debilitating pain stem from improper or abnormal posture. Your chiropractor can offer you the assistance and treatments you need to counter the symptoms of long term poor posture.  If you’re suffering with back pain or neck pain and you’ve never suffered an injury, you could be feeling the effects of having poor posture for years. Book an appointment online with us today. The team at Augustine Chiropractic is dedicated to providing you with the treatments and tools you need to correct your posture, relieve your pain, and lead a healthier life.

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