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Back Pain is one of the most frequently occurring issues for Wesley Chapel, FL patients today. Augustine Chiropractic is here to help with effective and non-invasive treatments that truly work.

Back Pain Q & A

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What Causes Back Pain to Happen?

Back pain happens for a wide range of reasons today. Accidents, including auto accidents and workplace accidents, are both common causes of back pain. However, it is not always a sudden injury. In many cases, back pain develops fairly slowly over time. People who have physically strenuous jobs often suffer from back pain after years of straining their spine. In many patients, back pain is the result of disease, with arthritis and degenerative disc disease being particularly common causes. In some cases, the back pain is present from very early in life. People with congenital diseases, such as scoliosis, often seek chiropractic treatment for back pain.

How is Back Pain Evaluated by the Chiropractor?

The patient will be asked to describe the back pain in detail, with the help of a diagram. The patient can pinpoint the exact area where the back pain occurs. Low back pain is the most common type, but many people have pain in other parts of the back as well. During the physical exam, the patient will respond to prompts from the chiropractor so that the exact problem areas can be isolated. X-ray studies, which are done in-house at Augustine Chiropractic, are often completed to get a full evaluation, as well. An x-ray study can help the chiropractor to rule out more serious problems, and the information obtained in an x-ray study can help the chiropractor confirm their assessment. Using the consultation with the patient, the physical exam, and the x-ray study, the chiropractor can develop an effective custom treatment plan.

How is Back Pain Treated by a Chiropractor?

The chiropractor will personalize back pain treatment based upon the kind of back pain, the amount of pain, and the patient's individual response to chiropractic adjustment. Gentle adjustments often provide the relief needed for a patient to begin feeling like themselves again. Other complementary types of treatment may also be done to help with further pain relief, including Intersegmental Traction, cryotherapy, therapeutic massage, Electro-Muscle Stimulation, and the Erchonia Laser.

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