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Sports Injuries require a keen diagnostic eye and highly effective treatment. Augustine Chiropractic offers its Wesley Chapel, FL area patients the help they need to recover fully from Sports Injuries.

Sports Injuries Q & A

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Why Do Sports Injuries Happen?

Sports injuries happen for several reasons, but overuse and improper technique are two of the main reasons that people suffer from sports injuries today. In many other cases, a major impact or a sudden fall can cause a sports injury. Even non-major movements like straining the neck excessively to track the movement of a football, swiveling the body quickly, or just having a badly placed foot can cause a sports injury. Nearly any type of movement made during sports or exercise could potentially cause a sports injury, especially if that movement is done without proper support or without the proper training.

How Does the Chiropractor Diagnose a Sports Injury?

The chiropractic care provider will begin with a physical examination to evaluate the injury. At the same time, he will discuss the specifics of the pain with the patient to get a clear picture of the injury. X-rays are often an important part of diagnostics in sports injuries, as well. In some cases, a spinal misalignment that occurred during sports or other exercise is the reason for the sports injury, and x-rays are especially useful for diagnosing those types of injuries.

What Type of Chiropractic Care is Used For Sports Injuries?

Chiropractic adjustments to the neck and spine are often the main focus of sports injury treatment. Other treatments like electro-muscle stimulation, cryotherapy, and therapeutic massage are often helpful as well. The chiropractic care provider will create a well-rounded treatment plan that will relieve the patient's pain while it helps the body to begin the natural healing process. As the injury begins to heal, the chiropractor will also commonly prescribe therapeutic exercises that will gradually strengthen the area where the injury happened. This can provide a stronger foundation and may help in preventing such injuries in the future.

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